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Your knowledge can help predict the future. As Navigator, Mediator and Innovator in a challenging and poignant chapter of our time, this is the juncture to share your knowledge and experience to help others fly.

Austin Frye work with some of the largest and most prolific and environmentally conscious private equity organisations and investment banks to inform deals, drive portfolio value and lead their tribe of investee partners into a bright, successful future.





The members of the AF Vault can partner with you to inform profitable deal decisions across Packaging & Chemicals, Machinery & IoT and Sustainability on a global basis.

This is a select group of people whom our consultants know personally, have recruited for and have become part of the Vault due to their ability to make the complicated simple. 

Vault members are the dynasty of this industry and have moved with the times to run some of the most successful, innovative and environmentally sound companies in the sector today.

"We have found Charlie to be well networked in the sector, and to demonstrate great judgement and intuition about people" 
Nigel Wright - Managing Director, Onex Corporation 
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