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We knew the industry services needed a shake up, we listened – and so have purposefully blended global industry knowledge with some of the most cutting edge software and AI to provide a talent advisory approach that provides two clear objectives:






In 2021 we made the decision to become a carbon neutral business – if you can make the change why wouldn’t you! 

We didn’t do this alone. We took advice on how we would calculate the carbon impact we have, how to reduce it, and then offset what we can’t control. Very quickly we understood that as an office-based business [with limited travel due to Covid] we did have a carbon footprint but not a significant one. However, we began to assess what we do as a business and how this could be having an impact that is going below the radar.

We fundamentally ask people to travel to interviews on a global scale, and one of our projects involved 8 international flights. The real carbon impact was soon more visible to us – what we need to do is reduce the carbon footprint that a recruitment process creates.

Using a proprietary tool and assessing the last 12 month’s projects we devised a solution for US, Europe and UK which would enable us to offset the carbon impact of recruitment processes across our client base by supporting global projects.

This is not just a planting trees approach!  We are making a difference by supporting global projects that create carbon credits.

With each project we run for clients this year we will be asking for a small contribution per placement to the offset projects we have aligned with. We will match your contribution and more to ensure that together we go above and beyond and make a real difference.

And beyond this, we have gone back to our last two fiscal years and have made a financial contribution to offset all the carbon impact of every placement across this time period.

Our Approach 

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Committed to realise a sustainable, diverse, low carbon future. The aim of Austin Frye’s environmental policy is to support the continued development of our business, whilst maintaining a high level of environmental performance, social impact and thought leadership.  We aim to make a significant positive impact to our environment, people and local communities whilst delivering positive impacts for our clients. Our aim is to be an accredited B Corp by the end of 2023 and our total business is aimed at making this transition.

At Austin Frye we are committed to promoting equal opportunities and inclusion in the workplace not only as an employer and as a provider of services, but also to our suppliers. We understand that diversity and inclusion at work is about recognising and appreciating that every individual is different.

Our internal and external recruitment practices have been developed to ensure that selection is based on skills, qualifications and experience.

We understand that this will be a continuous journey and that’s why we have committed to invest in ensuring our internal and external practices are reflective of the latest thinking when it comes to building an inclusive environment. Our priority is to ensure that our employees feel valued and thus all our clients & candidates.

For our clients, we continue to work closely with them to ensure that we recruit from the most diverse talent pools.

2021 saw a significant development of the % of BAME and females employed within the group, including Director appointments. Over the coming years, we will continue to balance the business in key roles and maintain it’s focus on being a diverse and inclusive business.