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We make tough recruitment challenges simpler.

The pandemic changed everyone. So we changed too.

Our services below are designed by top recruitment, executive search and software experts to ensure all the information for your searches with us are in one place and easily accessible at all times. 

AF will give you full password access to our search systems for 100% transparency from first contact

  • No more chasing your recruitment partner for information
  • Absolute search visibility and influence 
  • Global access to our unique network
  • Mobile app to track multiple searches at all levels and locations at the touch of a screen
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Do you have multiple hiring needs across a variety of locations? 

Would it be easier for one partner to address all of these with full visibility on every search in one place with 24 hour access?

How much easier would that be?

You will get

  • Log-ins for the hiring manager and the HR manager in every region  
  • 100% visibility and control over every search
  • One simple monthly payment for all searches with a monthly update report 
  • Speed, accuracy and momentum on all hires

Map & Introduce

For companies who possess internal HR and need their specialist talent partner to reach into their network and provide a full industry wide map of candidates for a current or future role or roles; complete with names, contact details and insights. 

You will get

  • A dedicated industry specialist consultant from first contact and a team of global researchers
  • A face to face video briefing call to take full detail for the project
  • A full list of candidates AF have mined and identified for you to approach, whom AF have sourced and rated
  • A unique log-in to the search with full access to the lists for 6 months from access point
  • Each candidate’s contact details

Engage & Assess

Your company knows better than anyone the true character of the person that would fit the role you are seeking to appoint, but you may not have time to reach out and interview them all. AF can then provide the above service and benefits of Map + Introduce plus working in tandem with you to select the EXACT talent from the list we have complied - and we will go out and engage them for you. 

You will get

  • All Map + Introduce benefits; plus
  • Personal approach to chosen profiles employing proven engagement methodologies
  • Receipt of all interested parties CVs
  • Full visibility of information regarding who may choose not to move forward and why, plus any further valuable insight
  • Full report on each candidate measured against the criteria YOU set for each appointment.

Partner & Appoint

This service is all encompassing and is required when you have limited time but need the best people – a full search can take anything from 50 to 100+ hours of work.

You will get

  • A full team of industry specialist consultants and researchers
  • A unique log-in to the search with full access to the lists for 6 months from access point
  • Executive Search + AI with a global team of researchers
  • Competency based interviews / scorecard
  • Client Interview arrangements from end to end
  • Comprehensive referencing of chosen candidate
  • Formal offer management

Data & Insights

This service is very much bespoke according to your requirements.

You can get 

  • Salary and incentive benchmarking amongst your competitors and web of related employers
  • Reports on the market of target acquisitions you wish to make
  • Speak to us regarding the suite of available insights